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Organic Rye (kernels)
Our Price: $15.25

25lb Bag -
Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat (best sprouting wheat)
Our Price: $17.25

25lb Bag -
Organic Hard White Wheat (kernels)
Our Price: $17.25

25lb Bag -
Organic Soft White Wheat (kernels)
Our Price: $17.25

25lb Bag -
Pellets of Organic Alfalfa (40 lb bag) small pellet size only
Our Price: $19.00

This interrim (next 4-6 months) alfalfa pellets are made from the same organic GMO free alfalfa as before, however due the fire 4 months ago, we have a new facility pelletizing the alfalfa.  This new facility is NOT certified organic, therefore we cannot label these alfalfa pellets as certified organic, however, they are made from same alfalfa as our previously certified organic alfalfa and GMO free.  We offer only the smaller pellets commonly associated with goats rabbits and smaller animals, however the larger animals such as horses goats and cows etc, eat the small pellets too.
Organic KAMUT khorasan Wheat Kernels- Food Grade, SPROUTABLE - 25lb bag - $25.75
Our Price: $25.75

25lbs Bag -
Organic Oats (40 lbs bag) sproutable
Our Price: $28.50

50lb bag raw, unhulled, uncut, sproutable oats
Organic Rolled KAMUT Wheat Flakes
Our Price: $28.75

25lb Bag -
Organic Flax Seed - 25lb bag
Our Price: $31.50

Organic Spelt (kernels)
Our Price: $39.75

25lb Bag -